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Contribution to client’s business


Macpro Cap was immensely challenged by managing and tracking its brand – the key to maintaining its identity, which translated into customer acceptance, awareness and ultimately sales. After carrying out a healthy market research, Macpro Cap contacted Askme Technologies to customize Cup design. Askme Technologies is a renowned product customization software company, providing its product designing for multiple products such as T-shirt, Cap, Phone, Shoes, Greeting Card, Map & Banners. By comprehending specific requirements, Askme Technologies utilized its superior design solution and implemented an online/offline Cap designer software.

We Served As a Helping Hand to Our Client’s Business


Macpro Cap is having offline store in Neetherland and wanted to develop Kiosk based one-stop application to display in front of the store where customer can see the design of the cap before ordering it from the shop. Macpro Cap offers complete freedom to its end users – by allowing them to customize the cap from Kiosk Machine and purchasing them. With the online custom Cap designer tool, a user can include their favorite images, clipart, texts, templates, and further customize a product by changing the color, formatting effects for text, etc. Once, the user get accomplishes the design they can directly make an order and Macpro Cap will deliver the designed t-shirt to their shipping address.

Business Problem

Macpro Cap carried out market research to meet the entire needs and requisites of users for personalized cap designer solution. They aimed to integrate a tool where users can design cap online/offline in a very easy and convenient manner by including text, image, templates, and symbols of their own choice and customize them accordingly. In the meantime, they could make an order and get their product embellished with their own designed Cap at their shipping address.

Askme Technologies Solution

In context to meet Macpro Cap demands, our technically proficient team communicated daily with the client to carry out the tasks at hand. As per their requirements, Askme Technologies integrated an exclusive online Cap designing tool, where users can design their Cap in step-by-step method devoid of any hassles. Askme Technologies offers cap designer software which enables the end-users:

  • To create their favorite Cap with their preferred design, patterns, color, and style
  • To add text, images, fonts, logos, symbols, templates, etc
  • Using this Cap designer software, making personalized caps as per your liking becomes so easier


Macpro Cap selects the custom cap designer tool as its solution and Askme Technologies helped them in the customization and integration process. In a very short time-span, it hit the market and quickly made its mark to the customer. It became one of the leaders in selling customized Cap from store. Our advanced Cap design Software allows users to get a preview of their design prior to purchase directly through his store. Alternatively, client is satisfied from our delivery and he is implementing same concept across all shops for various products.

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