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Hobbies with Passion & Purpose


Hobbies with Passion & Purpose

Most companies think that employees should be replaceable. When one exits, another comes in and fits perfectly in its place.

At Askme Technologies, we don’t hire just anyone. We hire the best candidate who clear our rigorous interview process, not only technical but more focussed into team work. Our employees are more than just their title, they are their passions. We bring them in based on if we think they can do the job and add a fresh, new perspective to our team.

At Askme Technologies, there’s a different attitude. An energy. People are excited. And the place is always moving forward. That’s because nobody is just along for the ride. We are always pushing. Pushing ourselves, pushing ideas, pushing limits.

It doesn’t take long to feel like you’re a part of this place. To start saying “we” when our new hires go home and tell their friends what’s happening here. Because what’s happening here is pretty awesome, and they’re skills, passions and self are starting to be a part of it.

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